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Signature Furniture is a premier full-service new and used furniture store in Texas. We offer a wide range of services related to furniture, including selling new office furniture, selling used office furniture, furniture delivery and installation services, furniture storage, office layout planning, custom furniture, and millwork services. Whether we’re selling new or used office furniture, we ensure optimal quality standards — each piece is thoroughly inspected and restored. We also provide used and new office furniture from some of the best furniture brands, including Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Knoll. Please call us at 1-833-744-3876 or email for a free quote.






Used and New Office Task / Work / Desk Chairs

We offer ergonomic office task/ work/ desk chairs for all aesthetic and functional requirements. When looking for office chairs, you must focus on ergonomic chairs that can handle your weight and maintain optimal spinal alignment. Since you or your employees will be sitting on office chairs for several hours a day, the chair should support the spine to prevent back pain in the future. If multiple people will be using the office chair, it should also be adjustable. You should be able to adjust the following components of the office chair: headrest, armrests, backrest, lumbar support, and height.

Used and New Office Guest Chairs

Office guest chairs and visitor chairs must be comfortable, luxurious, and stylish because they create a pleasant stay for guests in your office. The office guest chairs might not be used as often as desk chairs, so the need for adjustability isn’t as great. But they should ideally have curved armrests, which offer comfort and relaxation to the arms, and they should ideally have a stain-resistant fabric. You should also note that office guest chairs often create the first impression of your workspace, so they should be incredibly comfortable and luxurious.

Used and New Office Training Room Chairs

Office training room chairs are an essential component of the office’s learning environment. Depending on your specific requirements and office layout, you can get various types of used and new office training room chairs — mobile training room chairs, stackable office chairs, folding training room chairs, and more. If you don’t have a dedicated training room, it might be wise to get folding training room chairs that can be folded and tucked away after the training session. But if you have a dedicated training room that’s used frequently, mobile training room chairs might be more suitable.

Office Furniture Made Easy

At Signature Furniture, we offer office furniture solutions just for you. Our experienced team is here to understand your furnishing concerns and project demands. Our array of services are designed to meet all your needs. Visit our showroom in Sugar Land, Tx to browse through our collection today. If you are searching for a specific product, give us a call at 1-833-SIG-FURN

Used and New Office Break Room Chairs and Stools

Every office should have a well-designed and comfortable break room. Your employees naturally need breaks in between long hours of work — an area where they can talk amongst each other, enjoy lunch, and recover before the next stretch of work. We offer used and new office break room chairs and stools that offer the ideal combination of comfort and aesthetic appeal. While our office break room chairs and stools are comfortable for short periods, we also ensure that they don’t keep your employees from work. We also offer stackable break room chairs that can be moved out of the way after the break.

Used and New Office Conference Chairs

When looking for office furnishing, you will undoubtedly need used and new office conference chairs. The conference room serves an important function — it’s where you host meetings with important shareholders and executives, and the quality of the chair should represent that function. Conference room chairs, also known as executive chairs, should ideally have multiple adjustments for different sizes of people. Conference room chairs with wheels should also include a tilt lock mechanism, seat height adjustments, leather upholstery, and other such details. The primary goal of conference chairs is to exude elegance and class.

Used and New Office Lounge and Reception Chairs

A reception room is an important part of your office because it’s the first place that all new visitors enter. The reception room is the face of the office — it can make or break the visitor’s first impression. In some cases, visitors also have to spend long hours seated in the office lounge or reception area, so the lounge chairs should be comfortable and elegant. Some of the most popular materials for office lounge chairs are heavy-duty vinyl, realistic faux leather, and fabric upholstery. You can also add a pop of color to your reception room with upholstery in different colors and textures.

Used and New Office Sit Stand Height Adjustable

In recent years, the sit-stand height adjustable office chair has become incredibly popular. Adjustable ergonomic chairs offer a greater degree of personalization than ever before. You can adjust the lumbar support to ensure your lower back maintains optimal spinal curvature, increase or decrease the height to ensure your feet touch the ground at a 90° angle, adjust the headrest to support your neck, and push the recliner back/ forth. You can also get a mesh office chair with adjustable lumbar support — the mesh back ensures optimal breathability for long periods of working. Our team can help you select the best height adjustable office chairs.

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At Signature Furniture, we can custom build office furniture with your unique needs in mind. Contact us today!

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Signature Furniture is a full-service new and used furniture store in Texas. We have a showroom located within T4 Spa Concepts & Designs at 140 Industrial Blvd., Sugar Land, where you can examine our used and new office furniture in person. You can also explore our online gallery for a general idea of the types of office furniture we provide. If you like something you see or want to make further inquiries, we encourage you to reach out. We can also modify existing furniture pieces or design new furniture according to your specifications. Please call 1-833-744-3876 or email for a free quote.