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Signature Furniture is a full-service new and used furniture store in Texas. But we do a lot more than delivering office furniture supplies to your place of business — we handle every aspect of your furniture requirements. We offer custom-designed furniture, both pre-owned and new, provide comprehensive furniture delivery services and assembly, offer lifetime maintenance services, and offer warehouse storage for your furniture. If you’re moving out or simply need extra space to keep all of your furniture, we offer numerous furniture storage units in Texas.


Large Warehouse Storage for Furniture

Signature Furniture is a full-service new and red furniture store in Texas — we take care of every aspect of the furniture management. One of the biggest problems that businesses face when scaling up or down is handling furniture. If your business is closing an office or moving to another location, what do you do with all the extra furniture in the interim? If you want to upgrade your existing furniture without adding clutter to your space, how do you manage the existing office furniture?

The answer is simple — you place the excess office furniture within warehouse storage. At a nominal charge, you can store your furniture in a safe space without cluttering up your office. We offer large and flexible furniture storage solutions for all of your existing and future needs. Furthermore, since our business is dedicated to furniture, our team members have an expert understanding of the proper furniture storage techniques. You can rest assured that your stored furniture won’t get damaged over time.

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Safe & Secure Furniture Storage

Each type of furniture requires unique environmental conditions for optimal health. If the furniture isn’t stored correctly, it can wear away, develop mold, or fall into ruin, becoming essentially unusable in the future. Traditional warehouse storage doesn’t offer furniture-specific storage services, so their environment isn’t always designed according to your specific needs. But as a dedicated furniture store in Texas, we live and breathe the art of furniture management.

Our warehouse storage is secured, bonded, and climate-controlled. We also maintain optimal environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity, to ensure the maximum longevity of the stored furniture. When you opt for our warehouse storage service, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the furniture in the same condition it went in. Whether you want to use the furniture later or sell them off, your options won’t be compromised. Please contact our customer service team to learn about our specific furniture storage techniques.

Warehouse Storage Solutions

At Signature Furniture, we offer office furniture solutions just for you. Our experienced team is here to understand your furnishing concerns and project demands. Our array of services are designed to meet all your needs. Visit our showroom in Sugar Land, Tx to browse through our collection today. If you are searching for a specific product, give us a call at 1-833-SIG-FURN

Warehouse Storage FAQs

  1. Climate Control: Rent a climate-controlled furniture storage unit, i.e., a storage unit in which the temperature and humidity are controlled and stabilized throughout the year. This protects your furniture from developing rot and mold, both of which are common in storage conditions with excess humidity. The storage unit’s temperature should be controlled and stabilized to prevent your furniture from expanding and contracting, which can lead to cracks.
  2. Pallet & Tarp: When storing your furniture within the storage unit, please place pallets on the floor. Even though our furniture storage space is climate-controlled, the floor can still hold moisture that can warp the legs of the furniture. If you place the furniture on a pallet and tarp, no moisture will get through, keeping your furniture safe.
  3. Cleaning: You must clean your furniture before storage. If your furniture is dirty, the condition can gradually deteriorate over time. For example, food crumbs can attract bacteria and insects, and stains can harden in place over time, leading to permanent or irreversible damages. Each type of furniture, such as upholstered furniture, wood furniture, and leather furniture, have unique maintenance techniques that you must follow.
  4. Disassembly: If your furniture originally came in multiple pieces, you should ideally disassemble the piece before storage. If you take larger pieces apart, you can move and store them more easily, and they also take up less space. Furthermore, taking legs off office tables can also reduce the weak points, minimizing the risk of damage. Our team can help with the disassembly of your furniture.
  5. Protection: After placing your furniture in storage, you must cover it up with sheets and other protective materials to prevent dust from accumulating. But you must choose the correct type of cover, according to the furniture’s material. You can use old blankets or sheets for leather furniture and bubble wrap for wood furniture. Please avoid plastic covering for upholstered furniture because they can trap moisture.

The best way to stack furniture in a storage unit is to start at the bottom and build your way up. You should place a pallet and tarp on the floor to prevent moisture from affecting the legs of your furniture. Place the heaviest boxes of furniture at the bottom, and then place the lighter objects and boxes on top. If your furniture can be disassembled into smaller pieces, take them apart and pack them closely together in one box.

Signature Furniture offers completely safe, secure, bonded, and climate-controlled furniture storage units in Texas. We use thermostats, dehumidifiers, and HVAC systems to ensure the temperature and humidity are constantly controlled and stabilized, ensuring your furniture remains in optimal health. Please contact our customer service team to learn more about our warehouse storage services for furniture.

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Signature Furniture is a full-service used and new furniture store in Texas. We provide comprehensive furniture services, including custom-designed furniture, furniture delivery services, furniture assembly and installation services, furniture maintenance services, and warehouse storage for your office furniture. We use the optimal furniture storage techniques to ensure your office furniture supplies remain in optimal condition. If you want a specific quote for your furniture storage requirements, please call 1-833-744-3876 or email sales@sigfurn.com.